Club Regalia & Apparel

Look smart on and off the water. The following regalia and apparel items are available from the MCC Clubhouse. Prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.

Pennants: $20.00
Race Flags: $15.00
Polo Shirts: $25.00
Beanies: $20.00
Ties: $10.00
Umbrellas $15.00
Patches $5.00

MCC Flag Etiquette

The club burgee, or pennant, is the club’s personal flag of identification. It is not compulsory for members to fly a club burgee, but if a member does and the club sincerely trusts that he does there is a strong moral obligation to ensure that it is flown correctly. The yacht club burgee is a flag which all members should be proud to fly and which should receive the dignity that is reserved for the club and its officers. Flags should be hoisted at 0800 hours, and hauled down at sunset, taking the time from the senior officer of the club, or failing the presence of one’s own club officers, taking it from that of a senior officer of any club. The club pennant is blue with a red cross piped with white.

The flag officers fly, a rectangular swallow tailed burgee, the same colours as the pennant. The Commodore’s burgee is not defaced, the Vice-Commodore’s burgee is similar except that one white ball is displayed in the inner upper canton. The Rear-Commodore’s burgee is also similar except that a white ball is displayed in both rho upper and lower inner canton. There is also a flag to identify the club’s past Commodores and this is a club pennant on a white rectangular background and a Maltese cross displayed.

When a yacht comes to anchor or gets underway, her burgee should be hoisted, although the time might be earlier than 0800 or after sunset, providing that there is sufficient daylight for her colours to be recognised. On entering harbours in such circumstances, the colours should be hauled down immediately after coming to anchor.

All the above applies equally to the wearing of the Red or Blue Ensign. If a yacht owner belongs to more than one club, and as a member of one of these the Blue Ensign may be worn under special warrant from the Admiralty, it should be clearly understood that the Blue Ensign should only be flown with the burgee of the club in question, and never without this corresponding burgee. In brief the Red Ensign should always be displayed unless the right to fly the Blue is clear. In recent times it has become the fashion to fly the New Zealand flag. This is not correct flag etiquette. The New Zealand flag is not a substitute for the Red Ensign.