Slipway & Hardstand

Access to our Hardstand and Slipway for boat maintenance is only available to MCC members.

Owner’s Information & Guidelines For Use

  1. Only financial members vessels may be hauled or stored.
  2. Cradles must be of acceptable standard, as determined by the slip master, and fit the vessel to be hauled.
  3. Cradles must be removed after launching.
  4. Minimum bearer width is 3.05 metres (10ft).
  5. Vessel owners are required to arrange suitable assistance when hauling or launching their vessel. (in addition to the owner, a minimum of three adults is required, no children).
  6. Power transformers/RCDs are expected to be used.
  7. Guide ropes on vessel – two at bow, two at stern, one head rope or as required.


Terms of conditions for slipping of vessels

  • No sand blasting will be permitted on the hardstand or grid bay.
  • When spray painting vessels liability is on the owner to make good any damage caused to other property, due to overspray.
  • When spray painting vessels ensure proper covers are used.
  • No dry sanding of antifouling.Unless authorized and under the slip masters supervision, vehicles and trailers are prohibited on slip.
  • Should the ownership of the vessel change while the vessel is on the slip the new owner, if not already a member, must either immediately apply for membership of MCC or remove the vessel within 14 days.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As from 1st July 2015 new regulations from the Environmental Protection Authority come into force for the Clubs slipway. These new regulations have a direct impact on how you are able to work on your boat while it is on the hard stand and grid. There are two main areas that will impact on all users. These relate to the removal of antifoul and its reapplication and the application of paints to your boats hull and superstructure.


  • You are now only allowed to water blast antifoul from your boat while it is on the rails directly above the catchment drain at the top of the ramp, not on the grid.
  • You are required to display signage warning people of the hazard that it creates and to cone off the immediate area to prevent access.
  • The club will provide both signage, the cones and barrier arms to enable you to comply with this.
  • Re antifouling your boat can be done anywhere on the yard, however you are now required to display signage advising people that you are applying a hazardous substance and you are required to restrict access to the immediate area. This applies to the removal of antifoul and hull and cabin paints.
  • You are required to wear protective clothing or equipment to limit your exposure to the paint and its fumes.
  • If you choose to remove antifoul and paint from your boat by wet sanding, or with a scraper, you are required to clean the area around your boat and dispose of the waste into the appropriate bins provided. You need to clean under your boat on a daily basis.

Spray painting

  • You can only spray paint your boat, both antifoul and other paints, if you protect yourself, and ensure that any adjacent boat or people will not be affected by overspray and or fumes. Ideally your boat should be fully tented or at the least tent sided. You must have signage to warn people of the work you are doing along with barriers to prevent access.
  • No exception will be made to these conditions as significant fines can be imposed by the authorities and the club could lose its waste discharge consent which would in effect close the yard down.
  • The club has over the last year spent considerable funds to ensure the slipway remains compliant with current regulations. These regulations are evolving and we are sure future measures will be put into place that will require your cooperation.

Applications & Payment

For information on Slip Charges please see the Haulout Application form below.

You must be a Full MCC Member. There is also a 12 month stand down period at the Slipmaster’s discretion.

Please refer to the Join Us page for membership information.

Interim accounts for hardstand storage will be sent monthly.
Accounts are to be paid within 7 days.
Final account must be paid before vessel can be launched.

MCC Slipway Haulout Application Form

NOTE: Please refer to the Tradewaste Agreement below for detailed information on Slipway and Washdown Rules and Emergency Spill Response Procedures.

Milford Cruising Club Trade Waste Agreement