Safety Regulations

Safety is important to the MCC and we do expect our members to adhere to all relevant maritime rules and safety regulations. As a boat Skipper you are legally responsibly for both the safety of the boat and all the people on board.

The following safety regulations apply to all yachts when racing and all boat owners are recommended to maintain similar standards or better, when cruising.

When racing, yachts may be inspected at any time and may be asked to complete an inspection at the end of any race. If a yacht should decline to have an inspection that yacht will automatically be disqualified from the race and may not enter another race until such time as an inspection has been completed.

YNZ Regulations up to Category 4

These regulations include the following minimum requirements (as per handbook):

  1. Anchor and Warp with 6m chain (2)
  2. Bucket with lanyard (2)
  3. Charts
  4. Cockpit Drains and Seacocks or Valves on every through Hull opening
  5. Compass
  6. Flares – 2 x Parachute, 2 x Hand and 2 x Smoke
  7. Fire Extinguishers (2)
  8. First Aid Kit and Manual
  9. Flashlights and Batteries
  10. Foghorn
  11. Fuel Tanks have vents and shutoff valves
  12. Lead Line or Depth Sounder
  13. Lifebuoy
  14. Lifejackets (approved type) 1 for each crew member
  15. Lifelines, Stanchions and Pulpit installed
  16. Manual Bilge Pump
  17. Name of Yacht displayed on each side of Hull, in 5Omm lettering
  18. Navigation Lights

MCC Safety Checklist Category 4 and 5